what is whitid?

WhitId is short for "Whose Horse Is This ID"

Our horses, no matter how safe or secure the fencing can always be subject to situations where they can get out and roam. If you have a Houdini Horse, you have already probably experienced this! In an effort to get your horse home safe, we have come up with a website where you can register your horse on a yearly basis, so authorities can find you in the event of a break out.

The site will have a searchable database that provides police, state police and other authorities access to information on your horse in the event they escape or are in an evacuation situation where they can't be identified. It will provide them with the horse owner name, address & phone, horse name & description, vet information, including 4 pictures for identification, as well as any behavoiral info that will help them until you can be contacted. The horses will be searchable by marking, color and general location. The search results will have all the above information including pictures for a sure id.

In the near future, we will also be providing different id tags; main tag, halter & bridle tags, as well as some ideas for marking a hoof for id. There will be an ID number on the tag that can be used for quick identification.

Look for some fun things we will be doing here soon! And every 100th registration gets a FREE Gift Basket for their Houdini or Rescue Horse!

Registration is $30 per year, including a $5 donation to a rescue or police department of your choice, and is renewable annually.

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