This site is dedicated to the memory of my own Houdini - Royal Windjammer. I had him since he was 6 years old and sadly I lost him two days after Christmas 2016. He was so full of mischief and love, he was my best friend. We had been through 7 moves together. My world had revolved around him and all my animals.

Every place we were, he found a way to get out. When we lived in Norwalk, he made a run for it around 6am and found someone's beautiful pasture like front lawn with a fence that he was running up and down... so proud of himself. Well the police officer didn't know what to do with him. He said I found some dog food, that's how I got his attention. So I rode him back the 2 miles he had managed to get to with a police escort.

Electric fence? No problem, just barrell through it. Ok, so I put up 5 rows of wire and I would wake up and he'd be on the other side, fence untouched. One morning I watched him, carefully and strategically get one leg through at a time. I would let them out on the grass in the front yard where I also had wire and somehow something on the other side was still more interesting. So out to Route 80 he would go, of course leaving my mare who wouldn't dare do that behind going crazy.

Then when we were in Killingworth on Route 148 he would take down the bar in the barn and now the 2 acres of grass wasn't enough, he wanted the grass on the other side of the road. So at 7am I watched him walk by the window and proceed to stand in the middle of the road. Not fun for the poor people trying to go to work and come across this horse staring at them.

Then in Clinton, it was surrounded by stone walls, so I had a rope up in the driveway that I put up before I would leave, so that if he got through the first fence, he had to get thru that as well. Well, not sure how many times the Clinton PD was chasing him around either.

I miss him and his antics horribly... we have now moved again and the rescue we have here has taken his place. Snapple is a female houdini. Since the grass has come up, she has decided she would start traveling about, and the only way I knew was Regal whinnying, as she also wouldn't dare to leave, until she finally also took off. I have been now chasing them all over the neighborhood at all hours... last week the neighbor and police brought them back at 6 am... they got an early start. Didn't even know they left. I've been thinking, damn, what if I am not home, no one knows these horses, so hence, I decided to start this site to help the owners of escapees, people who come into contact with them, the police, etc find out where they belong... everyone always says, "Who's horse is this? or Who's horses are these"?

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